The firm
STUDIO LEGALE MARSICO (STM), presently organized as a professional association, was established in 1974. In time it has been widening its scope of activity to a number of professional fields.

It currently cooperates with a number of qualified legal firms covering all aspects of legal, commercial, corporate and fiscal problems.

STUDIO LEGALE MARSICO provides court assistance before all jurisdictions including domestic and international arbitrations, as well as before the Italian Competition Authority.
Clients are mainly medium and medium to large companies and/or corporations, typically but not exclusively operating in the pharmaceutical, mechanical, constructions, chemical, glass & crystal, and high-fashion sectors.
Individual clients are provided assistance in connection with family issues, divorce, adoptions, minors, both with advice and in Court.

Languages: Italian, English, German, French, Greek, Spanish

Via Cerva, 1 - 20122 Milan (ITALY) - Phone +39 0276018414 - Fax +39 0276018482
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